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If you are a headphone enthusiast and you do not have a pair of the 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ears you are not really a headphone enthusiast.

1More Triple Driver Field Tested by Autumn Blache

I stumbled on the 1More Triple Driver Over-Ear headphones while conducting some online scouting for things we here at ChosenReviews would like to spend some time with. Everything I found about these headphones screamed "Pick me, Pick me!". So we did, and man has this one been a lot of fun to meet and explore. We have a lot to unpack in as few words and paragraphs as possible. Ultimately, what you need to know is whether to bother wasting any time and resources on this set of cans. The answer is a resounding "Yes!". And you can already tell, by some of our choices and assessments, that we do not come by that "Yes" quite so easily. We are pretty sure our friends over at Sony are not all too happy with our take on the MDR-1AM2. But these are no 1AM2. These are the 1More Triple Drivers and man, if this is there jump off point into this type of portable headphone, we cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

So as not to get too far into the weeds here, let's use this exploded view to get a sense of what we have here. Give this a good look. Then, read on. We never take up too much of your time.

There are two actual dedicated drivers in the build, along with one Bass Reflector, which is a passive device. Depending on your views on what and what does not constitute a "driver" you have a three segment audio delivery system in a uniquely crafted chamber that holds absolutely no secrets. The chamber is aluminum alloy. The drivers are graphene, and ceramic and it is all finished off with a see-through polymer exterior plate, protected by a fortress array that resembles the rims of a sports sedan. These things are sturdy, For sure. Everything about them looks and feels premium. The only possible criticism being the headband, and it has not proven to be a problem of flimsy in any way so far. These also fit squarely into the fashion forward headphone trend. Yes, you will get looks and questions about these headphones for sure! You've been warned.

As always, we will link you to the specs, and marketing material below. We will also include links to reviews with varying opinions from our own. Nevertheless, it is already time to cut into meat of what we have to say on these. Queue JJ "Jimmy" Walker from Good Times. These cans are:


For the broad strokes of our remaining commentary let me say a few important things. First, at or below $170 you simply cannot find something this well-built, this sonically engaging and just down right sexy. The whole, tweeter-mid-range/bass driver-passive radiator-esque configuration is something special. Here is why.

Dynamic driver headphones are known for their ability to slam. Simply put, the pistonic motion of the driver, coupled with the inertia of that movement allows for, not only, the delivery of the sound of lower registers, but also the physical impact of those registers. In the case of a planar magnetic headphones, there are many models that can produce the audible frequencies of mid and sub bass, but at the same time do not slam like a dynamic driver headphone can. In this case, because of the triple driver configuration, the lower registers of this headphone never compromise the warmth, clarity or texture of the mid-range or treble registers. The bass is allowed to breath and impact the space. The three segments blend together extremely well, to the extent that there is no discernible disconnect as can be found with satellite sub speaker system for example.

The 1More Triple Driver Over-Ear is a very skillful artist.

Rockin' some Zyde-Cajun Swamp Pop in Da Bayou!

This headphone is immensely musical. Satisfying to those who want clarity, good timbre, pleasant and exciting tuning, and yet somehow managing to remain the stage and not 'the show' when it comes to the music it delivers. I have a few favorite headphones that I love for different characteristics. I think we all do. I am also not one to have a half-dozen cans on-hand to appease and appeal to different musical genres. Well-crafted, quality speakers and headphones can change complexion with the source material they are fed--and do so, on-the-fly, without skipping a beat. The 1Mores are those headphones.

Now let's face reality. Turning is highly subjective. We all know this. The person who tunes the headphones will not have the same tastes and requirements of those who consume the headphones. This is why there are benchmarks and guides to aid in the process. This is why there are so many options in the marketplace and why we write reviews and others consume what we write. However, there is very little to find fault with here.

These are not dry. They are not boomy. They are not bright or sibilant. They are not muffled. They are...musical. There is a slight mid-bass hump in the tuning. I prefer more sub-bass than mid-bass, usually because sub-bass does not impact the mids, especially the lower mids. With these cans, these issues are of no moment to me as I listen to them. They erase from memory those things that are not (in my view) perfection--with its competent and enjoyable skill. I will say that in hot climates, they can be warm around your ears. I'd also say that they do a fine job of isolating well for the user, and decently so for those around the user.

My Son, Q came over after clowning me about these headphones. He genuinely suspected that he was not going to like them. It became a thing. When I handed them to him he smiled, shrugged, put them on and broke out his HiBy R6 Pro and went right for his lossless music collection of demo favorites. This included, Solider of Love by Sade, Game of Love by Daft Punk, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' by Michael Jackson, as well as some Miles Davis, Coubo and Nora Jones. After his first run through he was gobsmacked. Defeat written all over his face. He wanted to be right. Rather, he wanted to have something critical to add to the conversation. He had nothing. Nothing but praise, shock and awe. I left him with an "I told you so!".

Whether you like Jazz, Classical, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop or Dubstep you will truly enjoy this headphone. Dial up a color of music and let its triple drivers paint for you.

Currently selling for around $175 online.

Click here for 1More's official specification sheet

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